Віршики про тварин англійською мовою.

Додано: 08.11.2018
Віршики про тварин англійською мовою.

Віршики про тварин англійською мовою / Стишки о животных на английском языке

One – a cat.
Two – a bat.
Three – a dog.
Four – a frog.
Five – a hare.
Six – a bear.

– Little bird, little bird,
Look at me!
I have a bird-house,
Come and see!
– Little boy, little boy,
Under the tree.
I like this house,
Give it to me.

I can hop, – says a hare.
A can walk, – says a bear.
I can run, – says a dog.
I can swim, – says a frog.

Titmouse is very useful,
Titmouse is very good.
You must help it in winter,
Giving it some food.

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